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Audits: What to Do with What You Know [Online]


Audits provide a verification of the financial statements and internal controls of an organization by an objective third party (such as a CPA). They let you know that financial information is presented fairly and it is materially correct, and that the organization’s internal controls are working properly as designed. This session focuses on strategies you can use to address what you may find when reviewing audits and how to align your review to your monitoring and risk assessment process. This is a case-based webinar.

This training is a stand-alone course offered as part of an advanced financial management series focused on helping participants gain a deeper understanding of the principles of sound financial management practices and to implement them in their organizations.

APPROACH: This course is offered online and combines formal presentations with case studies, group discussions, and a focus on interactive learning.


PREREQUISITES: While not required, participants are strongly encouraged to attend “Financial Statements: The Story Behind the Numbers” and “What’s In An Audit?” prior to taking this course. 



LENGTH: One 90-minute live webinar.

AUDIENCE: Staff from state and local grantees as well as their partners.

EXAM: No exam is currently available.
REGISTER: Visit the registration page for a listing of dates when this training is offered. If no trainings are listed, please check back or contact to inquire about upcoming deliveries.

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