Successful green communities entail the intersection of comprehensive community development with best practices in environmental sustainability. We find ourselves in an interesting time in the environmental movement. We have the opportunity to expand the environmental constituency to make it more diverse in people and voices. We must embrace the idea that the environmental conversation in urban, principally low-income neighborhoods can and should be about possibility and potential and what it is people want to see in their neighborhoods. We should move away from limiting the conversation to fighting projects that bring more environmental degradation. The amazing work that is happening al


A feature of the TDA blog where we address topics and questions we’re hearing in the field… It’s not often that my work at TDA intersects with celebrity pop culture (which I generally view as a good thing). However, Vanity Fair’s recent introduction of Caitlyn Jenner (the Olympic gold medalist then-known as Bruce Jenner and member of the Kardashian household we’re apparently trying to keep up with) has brought significant attention to and discussion of gender identity. How does this relate to TDA’s affordable housing practice? More than you might think. LGBTQ households often face significant discrimination when seeking housing, whether as buyers or renters. In one test conducted by Mich

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