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CDBG Infrastructure 


With the new Trump Administration expected to focus greater attention on the importance of improving public infrastructure, you may be asking this question.


States and local governments across the nation receive annual awards of CDBG funding.  Many use that funding for a wide range of community development projects. Because of the substandard condition of public infrastructure in some communities, those governments are taking a fresh look at ways to better fund repairs or upgrades to everything from water and sewers to street and drainage systems to recreational facilities. Others are attempting to harden infrastructure and make is more resilient in response to natural disasters. Existing CDBG regulations offer opportunities for communities to undertake such improvements in both residential areas and in the business sector when projects present a benefit to low- and moderate-income persons. Guidance on the use of CDBG-DR offer similar opportunities.


Our extensive experience in community development planning and implementation together with a unique insight into changing direction within HUD, uniquely positions TDA to assist state and local government agencies in strengthening the use of CDBG or CDBG-DR for impactful improvements to public infrastructure.

TDA Can Help! We Can:


  • Work with agencies to plan the selection of projects that align with community needs.

  • Identify partnerships and funding strategies that leverage CDBG or CDBG-DR dollars with other sources of funding at both the state and local levels.

  • Provide consulting services to ensure that agency staff and leadership understand any new direction undertaken by HUD to encourage and permit public facilities and site improvements under CDBG regulations or other federal guidance.

  • Assist in designing and implementing projects that can be qualified for funding in both an effective and compliant manner.

  • Advise agency staff on reporting processes to either document low- and moderate income benefit to a residential area or to related benefits in job creation.

  • Collect outcome data and measure results that enable communities to demonstrate the positive impact that may result from such strategic investment of CDBG or CDBG-DR grant funding.

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