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Consulting Services

TDA’s consulting services form the backbone of our organizational and performance improvement engagements. Our team includes experienced practitioners with first-hand knowledge of industry best practices with broad expertise in community development. We also know what we don’t know - the specifics and sensitivities of your situation. That’s why we listen first. We don’t deliver cookie-cutter formulas. We deliver top-quality solutions tailored to local conditions to help organizations achieve higher performance and become more customer-driven.

TDA has a proven approach for implementing organization transformation focused on improving performance. We help organizations ready themselves for coming changes, manage the complex move to a more desirable state, and maximize long-term results once change is in place.

Strategic Planning

TDA can help you develop mission-driven strategies to take advantage of opportunities in uncertain and volatile environments, while also managing risk. We provide you with proven planning and decision-making processes to help you make solid strategic decisions that achieve long-term results.

Policy Development

Our team has extensive experience in policy development, from comprehensive program design to targeted enhancements of specific community development programs. We have the resources to share “best practices” from other communities nationwide and we can develop local policies that work for you.

Organizational Change

We can diagnose performance issues and recommend organizational interventions to address them. TDA has worked to address the lack of clearly defined goals and objectives, poorly designed internal systems and processes, misaligned organizational structures, and organizational culture challenges. Our targeted interventions lead to well-managed change processes, significant increases in performance, and reductions in regulatory compliance risks.

Research & Analysis


TDA conducts research, surveys, studies, and evaluations that help you make informed decisions on local strategies, programs, and funding. We can provide you with current information on housing needs, market conditions, and research on important community development issues. From developing a targeted housing market analysis or fair housing plan to a complete five-year Consolidated Plan, TDA can help.

Human Capital Management

Our team designs, implements, and evaluates formal systems to ensure the effective use of people to implement organizational strategies. Organizations need talented people if they expect to thrive in these times - managing human resources wisely is a must. TDA can help you consider what programs you need to recruit, train, develop, promote and retain employees throughout your organization.

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