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Federal Cost Principles in 5 Letters [Online]


Federal costs principles identify costs that may be charged to federal grants and contracts, and those charges that cannot be charged to grants and are considered unallowable expenses. This course reviews federal cost principle requirements in 5 easy-to-remember letters – R.A.D.A.R. – to help you make sure costs will be eligible for reimbursement. Join us to talk about what prudent really means and common approaches to allocating direct costs in HUD CPD programs.

This training is a stand-alone course offered as part of a Fundamentals of Financial Management series focused on helping participants understand and implement sound financial management practices.

APPROACH: This course is offered online and combines formal presentations with group discussions and a focus on interactive learning.





LENGTH: One 90-minute live webinar.

AUDIENCE: Staff from state and local grantees as well as their partners.

EXAM: No exam is currently available.
REGISTER: Visit the registration page for a listing of dates when this training is offered. If no trainings are listed, please check back soon or contact to inquire about upcoming deliveries.

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