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Need help with the New Fair Housing Regulations? 


With the transition to the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) Plan, agencies are now required to develop an AFH Plan, or to conduct a joint Plan with a partner entity, such as a local community, nearby housing agency, or state agency. Our cross-HUD experience uniquely positions TDA to assist housing agencies, as well as local and state governments to meet the new AFH requirements. 


TDA Can Help! We Can:


  • Work with agencies to determine the timing requirements for their first submission.

  • Identify partnerships that can save both staff time and money in the development of the AFH.

  • Provide baseline training and consulting services to ensure that agency staff and leadership understand the new rules and have the information to make the most effective decisions for their agency and community. 

  • Assist in designing and implementing a process that results in a quality document and implementable plan for the future.

  • Use HUD data and local data and knowledge to create the underlying platform to identify barriers and opportunities.

  • Support your team in carrying out the required community participation process.

  • Work with you to complete the assessment tool, and submit a complete AFH to HUD, including fair housing goals.

  • Work to ensure that the goals identified in the AFH inform the strategies of the Consolidated Plan, PHA Plan and/or the Capital Fund Plan.

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