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Seeking City of Austin Texas Subcontract Vendor List SWMBE 


TDA Consulting Inc., is soliciting Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise participation for the following City of Austin project.   The Project is a Regional Assessment of Fair Housing, RFP 7200 JRHO11O.  Solicitation documents are available at our office or at One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Road, 10th Floor, Suite 1045 C-Congress Room.   I have also attached a copy of the solicitation RFP to this email.


Additionally, here is a section of the scope of work whereby we can use your help:


Task Community Meetings. The Consultant shall: Assist Parties in their community participation processes to satisfy all Guidebook requirements and in fulfillment of each Party’s Citizen Participation Plan (CPP). Prepare and present on the Parties’ objective to affirmatively further fair housing at community meetings and address public comments and questions throughout the entire process of completing the AFH. The written presentation shall be provided in English, Spanish, and other languages if deemed appropriate by the jurisdiction. Local knowledge shall be obtained from the public gatherings and utilized in the development of the AFH document. The results of the public engagement process will be tabulated by each unique jurisdiction. Parties are expected to locate and secure the meeting sites based on reaching the broadest audience possible and are expected to handle all advertising, outreach, and logistics for the meetings. Complete a customized community participation process sufficient for each of the Parties. Project Plans submitted for this solicitation should include a detailed outline of the community participation process for each Party including an outreach plan and advertisements. All advertisements and invitations shall be provided by the Consultant in both English and Spanish, and other languages if deemed appropriate by the Party. Assist the Parties in documenting the success of gaining community participation and if applicable, reasons for low participation; a summary of comments, views, and recommendations, received orally or in writing, etc., including those not accepted and reasons for non-acceptance. Ensure that the community participation process is equally responsive to the unique challenges of the smaller, less densely populated Parties.


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