Build Your Monitoring Plan: Aug-Sep 2021 Online

Build Your Monitoring Plan Online is a four-week version of our classroom-based workshop that provides a hands-on opportunity to develop the monitoring plan you wish you had! Addressing monitoring requirements for CDBG and HOME, this course walks you through the process of creating a plan that meets requirements while remaining manageable for staff to implement. At the end of the course, participants will have a draft monitoring plan to share with their teams at work and to guide them moving forward.


This course is offered online with one lesson per week over a four-week period, and participants will complete assignments between each lesson (see logistics for the schedule). To be most effective, participants are asked to have on hand a copy of their current monitoring plan and some basic information that will be used as a starting point.


Week 1: Overview of Monitoring Requirements and Expectations

Assignment: Develop list of projects and partners to be monitored.


Week 2: Risk Assessment Factors and Process

Assignment: Determine risk factors and refine assessment strategy.


Week 3: Implementation - Your Team, Areas of Focus, and Schedule

Assignment: Define areas of focus and establish schedule.


Week 4: Capstone - Plan Review and Refinement

Build Your Monitoring Plan: Aug-Sep 2021 Online

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