CDBG Fundamentals Online is a four-week online version of our popular classroom-based training course. It provides an overview of the Community Development Block Grant Program, including key requirements for each eligible activity type. To help participants make sense of it all, the course provides a framework for rules on National Objective basis and ensures that they understand the roles and responsibilities applicable to the CDBG entitlement grantee, its subrecipients, partners, and low-income beneficiaries.


This course is offered online with two lessons per week over a four-week period. Participants should plan to participate in all lessons since the content of the modules build on one another.


Week One: The Framework

  • Lesson One - History of CDBG | Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Lesson Two - The National Objectives Framework


Week Two: Activities 

  • Lesson Three - Public Services | Housing and Other Real Property Activities
  • Lesson Four - Public Facilities | Job Creation and Economic Development


Week Three: Federal Overlay Requirements

  • Lesson Five - Cross Cutting Requirements
  • Lesson Six - Procurement & Financial Management


Week Four: Implementation

  • Lesson Seven - NRSAs & Revitalization Strategies
  • Lesson Eight - Implementation Considerations

CDBG Fundamentals Online: Jun 2020

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