Cost Allocation in HOME & HTF Rental Projects:  July 14, 2021 Online

When funding multi-unit projects, how do you know which units are your HOME units? Which ones are your Housing Trust Fund units? HOME regulations require Participating Jurisdictions to identify and allocate eligible costs among HOME-designated units within a project. Similarly, Housing Trust Fund regulations require the same review be done by State HTF grantees. Cost allocation reviews guide the determination of how many units must be designated as HOME and HTF units and which units within a project those must be. 


This course guides participants through the process of determining unit comparability, distinguishing between HOME and HTF eligible and ineligible costs (hint, it’s different than the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit basis!), and allocating costs using HUD’s HOME Cost Allocation Tool, originally developed by TDA.

Cost Allocation in HOME & HTF Rental Projects: July 14, 2021 Online

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