Strategic Management for CHDO and Nonprofit Development Executives

Sponsored by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), this intensive 17-week training series is for IHCDA’s Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) and nonprofit development partners. IHCDA will review registration lists prior to TDA approving your registration.


Targeted to executive directors and senior managers of CHDOs and nonprofit development organizations and based on courses developed and delivered for HUD, the core of Strategic Management for CHDO and Nonprofit Development Executives is a four-month college-style online course. The course includes modules on operations management, financial management, and strategic planning. Each week includes several short presentations and reading assignments. Participants are required to join discussion forums and complete weekly assignments, applying their learning to issues and challenges facing their own organizations.


The program begins with a two-day in-person session – CHDO Opportunities in HOME – to kick off the series and to provide an overview of the HOME program and the CHDO set-aside – covering the CHDO definition, CHDO project roles, and core HOME requirements related to the development of both homebuyer (for-sale) and rental housing.


From this foundation, participants transition into the core online portion of the course, during which there will be a one-week break between each module. The online course ends with each participant preparing a final “capstone” project – typically the development of a strategic business plan intended to improve an aspect of their organization’s operations.


The overall series then culminates in two-day in-person Capstone Session where participants present their final projects to each other, the course instructor, and IHCDA representatives.


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Strategic Management for CHDO and Nonprofit Development Executives

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