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Written Agreements: Keystones to Success

Written agreements are the keystones of your HOME and CBDG programs – it is the document that locks the pieces of your programs together and upon which your programs can succeed or falter.  This two-day course will cover the basics of written agreements and teach participants how well-structured written agreements are not just a HUD requirement, but your strongest contract management and monitoring tool.  Learn about required provisions and best practices, how to use written agreements as road maps with your partners during activity delivery, how to structure agreements to ensure effectiveness in enforcing obligations, and what to do about past agreements that may fall short. 

AGENDAView the agenda.

APPROACH: This in-person training combines formal presentations with case studies, group discussions, and a focus on interactive learning.





LENGTH: Two days.

AUDIENCE: Staff from state or local grantees.

EXAM: No exam is currently available.
REGISTER: Select a session that you'd like to attend from the list of locations and dates below. If no trainings are listed, please check back soon or contact to inquire about upcoming sessions.

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