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Affordable Housing

When rule changes to major federal housing programs take effect, the challenge to state and local government agencies can seem overwhelming. Attention quickly turns from delivering services to focusing on how to comply with the new rule. As agencies face the difficult task of addressing U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule changes, including those to the HOME program, TDA is uniquely qualified to help. As a nationally recognized expert in housing and community development, TDA has assisted state and local agencies plan and develop affordable housing programs for over two decades. We know what works and what doesn’t. We are intimately familiar with recent HUD rule changes and can help local communities comply without losing focus on the goal of providing affordable housing.


Our team’s capabilities can address these key program areas: planning and program design, policies and procedures, underwriting, Housing Choice Voucher, Public Housing, capacity building, Development, and more.

Planning/Program Design

TDA’s experience includes assessing organizational objectives, strategic planning, web-based and on-site delivery of training, consulting, and technical assistance.  

Our former practitioners have valuable experience assisting agencies with community planning. Likewise, we effectively assess program designs and offer changes that improve conformance and performance under federal rules. From coast-to-coast, TDA ensures housing affordability, availability, and sustainability in the communities it assists.

  • Agency plans, Consolidated Plans, and program policies

  • Public Housing assessment and operation

  • Revitalization, HOPE VI, Choice and Promise Neighborhood initiatives

  • Asset Management Compliance

Housing Choice Voucher

TDA understand the importance of operating a financially efficient Housing Choice Voucher program. Our experts can help you maintain both financial and organization requirements to maximize your program utilization. From program eligibility to participant success, we can help to improve the day-to-day operation of your HCV program each step of the way.


  • Eligibility determination

  • Wait list management

  • Income determination

  • Certification and re-certification

  • Inspections

  • Rent reasonableness

  • Project basing

  • Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

  • Program utilization

Policies & Procedures

A well-designed program requires detailed policies and procedures to keep it on track. TDA understands what HUD expects. We know how to ensure coordination of roles and responsibilities to carry out the work, oversight of services rendered on behalf of agencies, and honest evaluation of outcomes and outputs.


  • Adapting policies and procedures to new guidance

  • Developing forms, checklists and other tools to document compliance

  • Establishing necessary checks and balances

  • Assisting with Corrective Action Plans

  • Underwriting

Public Housing

Our seasoned Public Housing Authority professionals can assist you in the day-to-day operations of housing operations from eligibility to lease-up. We can also assist with income certification, asset management, repositioning, and demolition/disposition. Whether your needs are unit inspections or solving maintenance issues, TDA can help. 

  • Eligibility determination

  • Wait list management

  • Income determination

  • Certification and re-certification

  • Inspections

  • Asset management

  • Demolition/disposition and repositioning

  • Uniform Relocation Act requirements


We understand the need for responsible project selection and accountability for HUD grantees large and small. The TDA team's experience in this area is extensive, covering all major aspects of housing development.


  • Assisting with project selection

  • Analyzing project feasibility

  • Recommending funding strategies and options

  • Underwriting and completing subsidy layering analysis

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits

  • Coordinating monitoring, reporting, and evaluation efforts

  • Capacity building

Capital Building

TDA knows the importance of technical capabilities to finance and construct affordable housing. We understand how to improve skill sets related to program requirements and development principles. For grantees and partners alike  - including those of developers such as Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) - TDA has built capacity to face challenges in a changing environment. We work side-by-side with organizations enabling them to improve living conditions nationwide.

  • Providing specialized training to apply HUD guidelines for better accountability

  • Developing tools and techniques to aid developers in demonstrating capacity and fiscal soundness

  • Implementing protocols that ensure ongoing management and operation of affordable housing development

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