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Economic Development

Our team’s capabilities can address these key program areas:

TDA is an expert in housing, community, and economic development, with over 20 years of experience helping local governments and partners plan and develop programs.

We understand the recent changes in HUD rules and can help communities comply without losing sight of their bigger goals, like making neighborhoods better and growing the local economy. 

Communities are facing greater demands than ever to invest in education, job training, infrastructure, housing, and public services.

In a time with shrinking resources from federal, state, and local sources, funders also want greater accountability and transparency that their money is making a difference.

This puts a lot of pressure on already limited resources.

What We Do

Planning/Program Design

TDA assists communities in planning comprehensive economic development strategies. To achieve this, we offer a diverse array of services that encompass every aspect of economic development. Our team specializes in analyzing local conditions, ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities each community faces.

Policy & Procedures

Effective economic development programs, particularly those involving lending, require precise policies and procedures to protect a community's assets. TDA understands the expectations of HUD and responsible lenders. We offer support in underwriting and deal structuring, ensuring coordination among all stakeholders to make deals both feasible and sustainable.

Project Implementation

TDA understands the need for responsible project selection and accountability for HUD grantees large and small. Our team has extensive experience in selecting projects, responsible procurement, compliance with federal rules, and reporting requirements.

Monitoring & Compliance

Accountability and success must be measured to ensure compliance with all relevant requirements. We work with clients to demonstrate to citizens that their quality of life has improved through well-managed and transparent investments of both financial and non-financial resources.

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