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Our Team

TDA works with people like you to make positive changes in your communities and organizations. We work in close partnership with government agencies, nonprofits, and for-profit entities to help make communities better. We understand that organizational challenges can be immense - ranging from declining real estate markets, high unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and increased crime. We understand that situations change rapidly making them even more difficult to manage.


What TDA's staff brings to the table, in addition to a deep base of knowledge and experience in the field, includes:


  • Insight gained from working in partnership with both governmental entities (federal, state, and local) and private organizations;

  • A thorough understanding of the complex needs of a variety of organizations; and

  • The technical know-how that helps organizations and their programs operate more efficiently and effectively.


Supported by TDA’s proven management abilities, this wealth of talent has consistently brought about effective solutions to a wide variety of management problems. Our team brings a broad range of skills to bear in overseeing consulting engagements. TDA’s management staff is skilled at administering multiple and complex tasks within a demand-response system. We bring a passion for results, integrity, high energy performance, and the innovation to get things done! Check out our staff bios below.

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