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Building a Monitoring Plan

Building A Monitoring Plan is a two-day small-group workshop that provides a hands-on opportunity to develop the monitoring plan you wish you had!

​CDBG Fundamentals Certification

This is a three-day course covering the Community Development Block Grant Program. You'll gain an understanding of key requirements for each eligible activity type with the course concluding with a Certification Exam on the final day of training.

CDBG Fundamentals Refresher + Exam

This one-day session is an excellent opportunity for personnel engaged in CDBG who have not attended a CDBG Fundamentals training recently. The morning session comprises a recap of CDBG concepts and principles. Following a break, an examination will be conducted in the afternoon.

Cost Allocation in HOME & HTF Rental Projects

​This is a one session training. When funding multi-unit projects, how do you know which units are your HOME units? Which ones are your Housing Trust Fund units? HOME regulations require Participating Jurisdictions to identify and allocate eligible costs among HOME-designated units within a project.

Federal Grants Management

​This course is designed around the key elements necessary for successfully managing federal funds and, in particular, for successfully managing HUD funds.

Financing, Developing, & Operating Permanent Supportive Housing

In this two-day in-person course, participants will learn project financial planning, feasibility analysis, and the importance of the Housing First approach when managing PSH. This course will use exercises and case studies to help participants understand typical project costs, operating income, operating expenses, including services, and the role of debt and subsidy to develop financially feasible PSH.

Fundamentals of Financial Management

This two-day in-person course covers the basics of Financial Management with a focus on implementing 2 CFR Part 200 and the specific challenges HUD CPD grantees face, including grant-based accounting, program income, and utilizing IDIS as a grants management tool.

Fundamentals of Financial Management Series

These stand-alone sessions are offered as part of a financial management series focused on helping participants understand and implement the basics of sound financial management practices.

HOME Fundamentals

​HOME Fundamentals is a three-day course that provides an overview of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, including key requirements for each eligible activity type – homebuyer, homeowner rehabilitation, rental, and tenant-based rental assistance.

HOME Rental Housing Underwriting

GRP, GRO, EGI, NOI, DCR, AMI, NPV, IRR, and ROI...It’s enough to make a grownup cry. This three-day course helps break through the “math phobia” and identify a common framework for underwriting HOME rental projects – preparing PJs (and developers) to ask better questions, make sound decisions, and satisfy their regulatory requirements.

Ongoing HOME Rental Housing Compliance

​Focused on the five Ps of compliance, Rental Housing Compliance helps ensure projects serve the right "People" at the right "Price", while maintaining the quality of the "Property" throughout the affordability "Period" – and through it all, getting the "Process" right. New staff and seasoned veterans alike will benefit from learning about new and ever-evolving expectations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Ongoing HOME Rental Housing Compliance Refresher + Exam

This course allows prior attendees from TDA’s HOME Rental Compliance to get a refresher on course materials and then take the exam associated with TDA’s new certification in Ongoing HOME Rental Compliance. This abbreviated refresher course is not appropriate for participants who have not taken the full course in the past.

Written Agreements

​Written agreements are the keystones of your HOME and CDBG programs – it is the document that locks the pieces of your programs together and upon which your programs can succeed or falter.