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Training Services

TDA regularly delivers a variety of training programs throughout the year that are offered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Training Institute, as well as directly to communities like yours across the country.

To reflect local organizational and geographical conditions, we regularly modify existing courses to incorporate customized content, exercises, and case studies. You determine the extent to which you want a course customized to fit your needs and we take care of the rest! If your training needs require further development, we’ll help you determine the modality and educational content needed to meet your objectives and develop a targeted curriculum.

Classroom Training

On-site, instructor-led training is an effective method for learning. In the classroom, participants are immersed in a learning environment where they can focus on a specific topic and fully comprehend the material.

TDA’s HUD-certified trainers - selected for their subject matter expertise and presentation skills - bring to the training room many years of practical, hands-on experience in their fields. As former practitioners, TDA's team combines adult learning techniques with practical approaches that focus on the information participants need to know to be successful in their communities. From the most basic courses to advanced course material, TDA delivers! Courses include practical exercises, case studies, and review questions to further support course topics.

Distance Learning

TDA understands the challenges of sending staff to training, and often the staff that most need training are the least able to get away. We also know that sometimes you don't need a three-day classroom experience, but rather the basics on a targeted topic. Web-based learning provides an immediate, engaging learning experience that is ideal when participants are unable to travel or are geographically dispersed.


TDA delivers a range of offerings, from one- to two-hour webinars on specialized topics - giving you what you need, when you need it - to multi-week courses using our in-house learning management system. All our web-based courses reduce costs associated with traditional classroom training programs, such as travel, per diem, and instructor fees.

Blended Learning

Our online programs can be combined with our classroom offerings to create a more robust blended learning experience. TDA's blended learning solutions combine face-to-face training with web-based learning to help meet your organizational objectives. Blended learning combines the immediacy and personal touch of classroom training with the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of web-based learning environments.


For instance, we can create a custom certificate program for your organization that begins with a specially designed online skills assessment, followed by instructor-led classroom training, supported with customer-designed job aids and reference tools, and concluded with online modules to reinforce what has been learned.

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